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✔ High school diploma - (1982).
✔ When I was only 16 years old , I achieved diploma & accepted into MD General Medicine in Shiraz University of Medical science and graduated in 1989.
✔ My general medicine thesis title was an article with this title “Benign Intracranial Hypertension and its specific treatment” called Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration.
✔ Being accepted into Ophthalmology Specialty at Shiraz Medical University-1992
✔ The board of Medical Specialty Certification
✔ Being awarded the Board of Ophthalmology Certification in 1996
✔ The Ophthalmology thesis of mine was Ocular Manifestations of Acute Leukemia
✔ Being accepted as a faculty member of Golestan University of Medical Science (1998)
✔ Starting a Fellowship Training Program on Vitreous and Retina at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science (Shahid Labbafi Nezhad Educational Hospital (2001)- finished and completed in 2002
✔ Working as a General Practitioner from 1989 to 1992
✔ Have been working as an ophthalmologist to visit, doing operations and treat patients suffering eye diseases since 1996
✔ As a faculty member of Golestan University of Medical Science , I have taught hundreds of Medical students
✔ Being a deputy director of Physician Education (DPE), a member of the University Educational Council, the director of Educational Quality Accreditation Commission, the assessor of Educational Accreditation, the member of the University Educational Innovation Department and the head of the group of consulting professors
✔ Regarding the work outside the university, I have been the selected physician in the board of Medical Council for 5 consecutive periods (about 19 years) and in the last 8 years,I have been the Head of Gorgan Medical Council. Being in this position will keep continuing until next year.
✔ Since 1996 , I have had my own private office in different cities of Iran. Visiting thousands of patients and performing operation on them has provided me with considerable and valuable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases but I most often try to update my knowledge through attending refresher trainings and conferences either as a lecturer or listener.
✔ Being a member of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology (ISO) since 1996
✔ Being elected as a member of Board of Iranian Society of Ophthalmology (ISO) and the treasurer of the ISO in the last election. I will have continued working at these positions till next year.
✔ I was also be a member of American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO),European society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) attending all joint meeting between 2005 to 2014 , but unfortunately, the travel and financial sanctions on Iranian citizens have made me lose the opportunity of renewing my membership to attend.
The articles and dissertations that I have guided are as follows
1. Investigation of Size and Functional disorder of thyroid in 200 diabetic patients_ August.2000
2. The study of frequency of diabetic retinopathy in NIDDM and its relationship with the duration of diabetes_August.2000
3. The study of the frequency of ophthalmic complications of major thalassemia in Taleghani Hospital _ Gorgan _ iran Aug.2001
4. The comparison between 3 medical treatment regimen in allergic conjunctivitis patients . Nov.2002
5. The study of frequency, severity and risk factors in ROP patients . March 2005
6. The study of the relationship between retinal vascular occlusion and internal systemic diseases. Nov.2005
7. The frequency of eye complication in diabetic patients who were hospitalized due to other complications of diabetes.oct 2006
8. The comparison between the effect of ND YAG laser PI on lowering IOP in patients of Occludable angle and patients with AACG. Sep.2006
9. The evaluation of the correlation between LVH in echocardiography and eye and kidney findings in essential hypertension Oct.2006
10. The analysis of lab data in uveitis patients ,Gorgan ,Iran. NOV 2007
11. The comparison between 2 treatments in diabetic macular edema patients : Laser therapy and laser + AntiVGF _Sep .2010
12. The survey of eye floater in patients of retina Clinic_ Nov.2010
13. The comparison between postup effect of Tetracaine And alcohol for epithelial removal in PRK patients _Sep 2011
14. The survey of increased IOP in patients with hypothyroidism _Gorgan_ Iran _ Nov.2014
15. Vitamin D serum level in different types of diabetic retinopathy. A statistical analysis. Dec .2015 _ Gorgan _ iran
16. The assessment of concurrency of central serous retinopathy with type A personality in patients referred to Eye clinc.Dec.2015 _ Gorgan _ iran
17. The study of the prevalence of patients risk factors with the age related to Macular degeneration (AMD) referred to 5th Azar hospital of Gorgan _ Iran _Sep .2016
18. The comparison between the effect of visionace and preservision capsuls on macular thickness and visual acuity in diabetic retinopathy patients _ Oct.2018 _Gorgan _ Iran
19. The statistical analysis of retinal break causes in 20-60 years old patients _ Nov .2019 Gorgan _ Iran
✔ Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills when identifying the best treatment option for various injuries and ailments.
✔ Superior reading comprehension skills and effective written and oral communication skills.
✔ In – depth knowledge of procedures for diagnosing and treating patients.
✔ Understanding of mental and physical rehabilitation methods and counseling approaches
✔ Exceptional Interpersonal skills and personable bedside manner.
Notes : Now , after 30 years of working , considering the social political and economic situation of my country (Iran), I have decided to retire. Despite the possibility of providing service for the next 5 years, I tend to leave the public sector in order to work in my private office.
Watching movies and documentaries
Camping in the nature
About my family life, I should say that I am a married father of two sons one of which passed away because of an illness 10 years ago. The other one is a veterinarian born in 1995.
My wife is pediatrician
During my teaching at Golestan university of medical sciences, I received several letters of appreciation, including:
Top professor at university
Charitable contributions during the Golestan flood