Natural Gel Maker

One of the main prototypes, that we developed in our company is Natural Gel Maker. This device is a compact portable semi-solid manufacturing machine in your home and can be used as a specific personal semi-solid formulation in R&D sectors. Third generation of cosmetic products is defined any kind of fresh natural organic formulation which easily produced from conversion of fresh foods and vegetable into cosmetic finished products.



The cosmetics based on an active ingredient of fresh fruits and vegetables in the cosmetics industry has become one of the best-selling cosmetics. In the cosmetics industry, active ingredients of vegetables, plants, and/or natural and animal compounds are separated using different purifications techniques and applied in a cosmetic or a pharmaceutical concentration for producing a dermal product to treatment of different types of skin diseases. Although, applying these compounds to prepare dermal products has disadvantageous, such as: elimination of natural plants or fruits compounds, high cost of active and fresh materials production process, high cost of produced active and fresh ingredient, non-biocompatibility of those compounds, and also the low yielding of extraction process, for example, from a hundreds of kilograms of plants, vegetables, or fruits just only a few milligrams active ingredient is obtained and the rest is discharged during the extraction processes. Recently, the cosmetic industries just as the supplement industries also intended to use freshly extract compounds that are extracted from different types of fruits, vegetables, plants, or animal products. So on, the use of a whole plant or its extract without any additional process, and different types of fruit juice has been expanded in many products. For example, a AHA fruit acid for producing a dermal product to take care of skin is applied. Therefore, the need of new technologies and methods that can quickly turn these compounds into a cosmetic product at low price and without any contamination and complicated processes is considered.

Previous researches have shown that plants compounds lose their active ingredients, for example, antioxidants, flavonoids, volatile oils, etc. severely after harvest and industrial processes as well as rapidly degraded by decomposition mechanisms such as hydrolysis, and oxidation mechanism. To prevent those phenomena, it is necessary to add chemical preservatives, and performing complicated heating and cooling processes. In this invention, it has been tried to a natural compound as a fresh extract or a fresh extracted oil in a short time and without any chemical manipulation and performing complicated heating and cooling processes prepared and use it for production of a dermal product.