About GreenKimia

Golestan Green Kimia Company has made many efforts to achieve discoveries and inventions in line with its goals, benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of committed individuals.

Danesh Bonyan Sabz Kimia Golestan Company has the best experts and has achieved many findings during its activity.

The company is known as a specialist consultant in the field of medical pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Vahid Khori (Professor Khoury) is the founder of the Green Chemistry Company of Golestan.

This knowledge-based company has provided many services to its fellow citizens. Patient allowance was first introduced and implemented by this company in the country.

It has many programs in the field of technology and information technology and devices have been built in this direction. Many softwares have been written in this field.

Dr. Khori is the inventor of these technologies.

Field of activity of the company:
Production of herbal and medicinal raw materials, chemical and biological, manufacture and production of laboratory and clinical devices and equipment for diagnostic and treatment of disease, production and distribution of disinfectant and disinfectant compounds, import of any biological products such as serum, vaccine, laboratory products and food , Clearance and manufacture of any kind of drug or biological product and supply and sale, import, manufacture, conversion, packaging and formulation, distribution and export of all pesticides and plant diseases, employment in the preparation and composition and sale of drugs, vaccines, serum Facilitating the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients, Facilitating the provision of educational services, Post dock, Residency, Entrepreneur